The chicken that keeps giving

Well blow me over with a (chicken) feather, I’ve just made my first soup from a sunday roast leftover, and who the heck knew there was so much chicken on a chicken? As any bone-gnawing, tail-to-trotter, offal-eating meatie would, I’ve always taken care not to leave a carcass without vultur-esque picking over.

Indeed, I thought this mindful meat eating may have ruined my plans for chicken soup an hour into it when I reached the third paragraph of Jamie’s recipe and discovered you’re meant to have left meat on the blinking bones. I squealed like Chicken Licken for fear that the sky was falling down on what was rapidly beginning to look like a pointless pot of old bones.

Ha, not so! Now if anyone else still has their sunday roast hanging around and hasn’t tried chicken-souping it before either, here are some words of winter warming happiness. If your chicken carcass appear to be picked dry – fear not, there’s magic in them there bones.

During the stock-making stage I was momentarily encouraged by the roast chicken smell curling out from the kitchen, but I presumed this was all scent and no substance. Humphing as I drained the stock from the carcass, and half-tempted to chuck the whole damn thing away, I noticed…chicken had appeared, all over the previously bear bones. Picking through the hot chicken I discovering mouthfuls, morsels, and big meaty bits. It was joyous journey that’s simply had to be shared, so if you fancy a bash here’s Jamie’s recipe. Enjoy x